Beautiful People

This is Lea.

I’m a storyteller, advocate, entrepreneur and most importantly a Sickle Cell Warrior. I am told I’m not supposed to be here.

Diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease at birth, my life was scheduled to end at age of 8. It was only at the age of 23, that I reconciled with the answer of the question mark that was my life. I finally understood why I was always drawn to do the “impossible”. Living with chronic pain, constant anaemia and a less than perfect bill of health, I chose to learn Sickle Cell. With a¬†new sense of understanding of myself, I have nurtured a deeper appreciation of Sickle Cell.

 Everyday I understand why I am here.


This is Mary.

A mother, entrepreneur and lover of all things natural. I am dedicated and passionate about creating and providing the most sustainable, natural, healthy and cruelty free ways to beauty. As a Sickle Cell Warrior and parent, I am set in giving the body what is wholesome.

Watch and Learn

I have found a way to live a life free from suffering that comes with Sickle Cell. Through my experience living an All Natural Plant Based Lifestyle, I have learnt how to thrive even with Sickle Cell. I want to take you through this journey with me.