Murahaba, Appreciating One Year of Service!!

Murahaba, Appreciating One Year of Service!!


Murahaba is the fall out and reconciliation of beautiful relationships. It is waking up and showing up everyday. Its consistency and consistently trying to be consistent. Murahaba is failing and falling but building the gluteus to get back up.

Murahaba is winning the right way, its style, and whatever that means to you

Murahaba is the confidence to wear yourself with pride and the younger seastar looking up to you and kindness to a stranger. Murahaba is courage, fear and respect. It is not knowing and learning as you grow.

Murahaba is balance within, working on self daily, not always being right and the patience you steadily develop through all of this.

Murahaba is being open to compliments, being in service and peace of mind.

Murahaba is goofing off and being a fools with et, happiness and sadness and knowing how to keep it real.

July we celebrate 1 year of Murahaba.

Through this time there’s so much we have learnt and continue to learn. Thank you all for walking with us. Everyday we have been discovering what Murahaba is and yes it is just not a shop selling a wrap.

Murahaba means royalty, unconventional beauty, fashion inspired by our ancestors and community. Murahaba is a sea of stars within all our sea stars, the infinite loop of the circle of life, the journey that gives meaning to the destination and the laughter of a child.

Murahaba is the Grace and Love of The Most Highs.

Murahaba is a warm sunrise after a long night, the smell of rain in the countryside, is making space for forgiveness and choosing to forgive. Murahaba is a daughter realizing the strength of her mother, it’s allowing yourself to rest when you need to and the new experiences of new growth

Murahaba is appreciating the narrow path and the road less travelled.

Murahaba is doing good. It is the love and support from your King, sharing a home cooked meal and appreciating the baobab trees, moringa leaf and bamboo tea.

Murahaba is a bicycle ride to Kidong’ and tyre punctures on hot tarmac. It is the ocean, the trees and the sand beneath our feet.

Murahaba is not what you see, but what you make others see. It is the daily steps, the everything and nothing at all. It is saying thank you for the little things in life that make you smile.

Murahaba is everything we have learnt and continue to learn.

Murahaba is who were, who we are and who we are becoming.

And we thank you for the beautiful journey so far.

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