Our Suppliers Provide Us with The Best for our Products

Our Suppliers Provide Us with The Best for our Products

murahaba fabric supplier
Murahaba fabric from suppliers
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Imagine a room filled with a sea of color, from the floors to the ceilings all around you just waiting for you to sort through. This is what a fabric supplier shop looks like.

Many might feel intimidated by this magnitude of options but I somehow always feel empowered and love to rise to the challenge. This is my happy place.

Our suppliers provide us with beautiful product.

We only buy products, services and product inputs that we absolutely love from people we love to work with. The women and men bare with us while we spend hours deciding on 20+ fabrics as we haggle for cheaper prices. We have gained invaluable advice and insight with regards to fabrics, their origins and their meanings. The best and most difficult place I spend most of my time is the fabric store. Each individual in the Murahaba team has their role, and sourcing of product is mine. There are 3 main moving parts that we feel are the bigger cogs of the machinery/system that is Murahaba. Sourcing, Logistics and Sales. Of course there are other big COGs supporting these bigger cogs however if all else fails, we ideally want these to work. So all else cannot fail.

Each of us has a role , I personally handle Sourcing.

That is of fabric, baskets, leather products in respect to design, color, texture , quality and feel. This is a huge responsibility and I take my time to carefully select product. I have grown experienced to a point where I spend less time and trust mu selection based on pure instinct. This also happens while I keep in mind the feedback and requests from all our beloved customers. Everything we source, has to have soul and reflect the core style and language of Murahaba i.e. African Regalia.

I am grateful that my partners trust my tastes enough to leave et all to me. But truth be told, Logistics and Sales are things I love to watch in awe from a far as they are executed and handled methodically by my other 2 partners. In addition to sourcing, I am in-charge of all things online i.e. website and maintaining relationships together with my brother. We work to maintain relationships with the suppliers for communication of feedback, input, advise on how to better work with one another for the benefit of all businesses. We make sure to communicate openly and promptly on all issues quality , pricing and quantity. Both sides are manage their expectations with each other to avoid disappointments or miscommunication within the relationship, product and service.

We have began to expand from Head wraps to Bags of Sisal and Leather Sandals.

When we want to introduce a product, we look for a supplier who will be able to meet our demands and flexible to co-create with us. We ideally love to work with small suppliers who understand their product or service and do it well.

Our current suppliers have gone a long way to understand our tastes and deliver us quality product / services in a timely fashion. Everyone who’s energy goes into the final product is a supplier. From our fabric sellers, our tailors, our weavers, leather suppliers, craftsmen, shoemakers, label makers, packers etc. we truly appreciate them.

We are still young, and we hope to grow with our already existing suppliers and support a lot more along this beautiful journey. Every purchase goes into supporting all of these suppliers. And overtime we make a new consignment, they are absolutely grateful. Incase you’re wondering, we haven’t yet posted any of the new products here because we’ve been testing the new products these 4 months. We will put them up soon. They are really beautiful!!

Let us know in the comments below if you have purchased from us? If yes, what do you like about our product? We would love to pass your feedback to our suppliers. Thank you again for your time. We are happy that you keep coming back.

murahaba fabric supplier
fabric supplier shop
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