Murahaba Means Royalty In Swahili

A Symbol of Self Awareness, Modesty, Respect of Tradition, Culture and Royalty.
There’s no Crown of gold, diamonds or otherwise of greater value than a Woman coming into the realisation of her Royalty. As African Women we have been raised in a Culture where our grandmothers encouraged us to crown ourselves. Our headwraps honour our ancestral lineage and adorn us with our roots.

How We Started

I started covering my crown mid 2013. By crowning myself I felt and gained a deeper understanding of my womanhood, modesty, virtue and royalty. Growing up with Sickle Cell, I had low self confidence & esteem; Having Sickle Cell did not make me feel in any way beautiful. It wasn’t until I started wearing my wrap that I felt closer, more loving and appreciative of the woman I am, the culture I represented and the wholeness of my being, even with Sickle Cell.

Everyday since 2013, I take close to 13 minutes to wrap and crown myself; a kind of meditation and nurturing towards self. I step into a new realisation of Self Awareness, Self Respect and Self Love that uplifts me. With each day I grew more grateful, willing to share this with other Queens, with you. And in turn serve and give back to the community.

In 2016, Murahaba was born.

Sourcing Of The Product

We source our fabric from women owned small businesses from Taveta, our ancestral home and a small marginalized community in Kenya. They assist in sourcing and handpicking unique, quality, tastefully patterned and vibrantly coloured African Kitenge fabric that represent the essence of Murahaba. The fabric is then cleaned and tailored by other small scale women tailors in Taveta. This is where the final Murahaba wrap is born.
Through supporting these women owned small businesses we are directly growing sustainable incomes and supporting the livelihoods of families and communities. By placing this product on the market we are also sharing culture and crowning Queens and even Kings all over the world.

Social Impact

Aside from growing sustainable incomes among women, We are donating 20% of profits from each wrap directly to support health education and nutrition programs for the Sickle Cell Community in Taveta and all over Kenya