Our New Handmade 100% Cotton Murahaba Body Wraps!!

Our New Handmade 100% Cotton Murahaba Body Wraps!!

Body Wrap White with Purple Detail and Orange with Green Detail

Yes Brothers and Seastars, Our long awaited Murahaba Body Wraps are finally in Stock!!

Murahaba will now be offering 100% Cotton Body Wraps for Queens and Kings across the seas.

These are handmade with care and love by women in East Africa.

This is a new offering of wraps that is meant to provide full coverage and body covering for our Kings and Queens. We are a modest brand that seeks to offer beautiful fabrics to our customers all over the world. Body wraps are one of the ways our Babas, Babus (Grandpas), Mamas and Kokos (Grandmas), adorn themselves here in Kenya. This is traditional to African communities and these specific body wraps are used as a way to dress to impress on the sabbath, weekends and on special occasions like weddings.

Murahaba Body Wraps in Yellow and Orange with Green Detail
Brother and Seastar in Murahaba Body Wraps in Yellow and Orange with Green Detail

What is a Body Wrap?

A body wrap is a type of garment that provides full or partial coverage to the entire or part of the body. The purpose of a body wrap is to cover, adorn and provide protection against external elements among others. Some of these include head wraps, shawls, sarongs, towels, capes etc.

Normally, traditional African communities use wraps to signify different things. This depends on the fabric type, occasion, color and person wearing the wrap. Some signify royalty or leadership, usually adorned by Eldermen , Elderwomen, Chiefs, Chieftesses, Kings and Queens. Some are worn on special occasions to signify purity, family lineage and kinship and some are worn to decorate one for particular occasion.

In many African homes the body wrap is usually worn by men and women. The popular type of body wrap worn by women is the Khanga as seen in this blog . This is worn to perform house work or even on very special occasions like bridal parties, gatherings and parties. These contain inspiring proverbs and sayings that can be read by everyone who sees a woman wearing the Khanga. These will be provided in our new bundle The Murahaba Queens Regal Set . So keep an eye out for that.

And YES; This particular wrap this post is about is one worn by  Men mostly and nowadays Women

Swahili Coastal Men especially love to wear these Kikoy Body wraps around their waist.

Brother Wearing Wrap Around Waist

Murahaba Body Wrap in Orange with Green Detail
Brother wears Murahaba Body Wrap in Orange with Green Detail

Due to the very hot tropical weather of the East African Coast, men prefer to wear the wraps/sarongs wrapped around waist during the afternoon teas and gatherings. This is a cooler way for them to relax and unwind in the evenings. This form of dressing is also popular among the men of the nomadic tribes of the horn of Africa. These include the Bantu, Cushite and Nilotic ethnic groups and tribes of Kenya and Africa. For example the Maasai, Samburu, Somali, Rendile etc. Because of their nomadic way of life and climate they domicile in they not only use the body wraps to cover and protect against harsh elements and but symbolic cultural adornment.

This is also known as the ‘Kikoy’ which is popular in East Africa. Before the introduction of the Kanzu ; a white linen robe worn by East African men) , this was the covering garment of choice. Currently this mode of wear is still commonly used by older men who wrap around the waist and cover themselves in private as casual wear and during informal barazas / meetings with other wazee’s / elders.

Murahaba Body Wraps are available in several colors for your choosing. They are used especially for women who require modest body covering of shoulders, neck and of the hips. These wraps can also be used as a blanket especially in breezy and chilly weather. As for mothers with children, this is used as a covering during special intimate and private breast feeding and cuddling moments with your child.

This initial offering will be available in 100% cotton in White, Orange, Pink, Yellow and Blue. The wrap is big enough to cover small and large size fittings.

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P.S. Do you know 15% of Our profits are donated for Sickle Cell Care to Low Income Sickle Cell Households in Kenya! Your purchase goes a long way to support these efforts.

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Lea Kilenga Bey

Murahaba Body Wrap in Orange and Yellow in Green Detail
Seastar ties Murahaba Body Wrap in Yellow around her Seastar
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