How To Be Positive Through Your Sickle Cell Journey

How To Be Positive Through Your Sickle Cell Journey

positivity and sickle cell

Positivity like everything, is a choice.


There’s no map or formula to positivity. You choose to be positive.


Remember the last time when you were at a bad place; physically, emotionally and mentally ? Bad meaning dark, depressed, sick , feeling sorry for yourself and thinking of how bad things are in your life? And how everyone else but you is lucky or has it easier?


How did you feel after that session of self mutilation?

Better, Happy, Fulfilled, certainly Not!


Well Beloved, this is why I don’t like to dwell in negativity. The only thing it brings is more negativity. Energy flows where attention goes. And as long as you focus on all the negativity in your life, thats all you’ll see.


I choose to be happy because I don’t like the alternative.


No one wakes up and just turns off the switch on negativity.

Especially if you’ve just been through a night long crisis attack or if you’re in pain and there’s nothing you can do about it. Sometimes we really can’t help it right?! Wrong. We always have a choice. I was actually speaking to a warrior parent and she mentioned that warriors have a temper! Which I have to say is true, we do or at least I did. How do we continue walking on the sunny side of life knowing that we are sometimes quick to anger or other negative feelings?


Its realizing those feelings don’t ┬áserve you on the path you’re on. Having the wisdom and understanding that your best work/service can only done at peak performance and negativity doesn’t do that for you. This is when you begin to figure out that you have to be actively engaged in those things, actions, thoughts and environment that fuels positivity and good vibrations.


When you notice these feelings, don’t judge. Seek to first understand where they come from by paying attention to those triggers , who , what , why , how etc.


You have to be really real with yourself through this because its painful sometimes to realize perhaps your closest friend or a family member is the trigger to these negative emotions. Your happiness depends on this process because it gives you understanding of who you are, who you are not and why these feelings exist.


Once you’re able to identify these triggers, you see them as information; a form of feedback to help you correct. This gives you back the power you had directed to them and provides an opportunity for you to face those feelings with no judgement or labels. Personally, I allow myself some time, not too long; a couple of hours to dwell and feel sorry for myself; Any longer will turn it into an ugly self pity session that would require quite a bit of energy to come out of. I keep it short, after which I face my so called ‘demons’ and dig down to unpack those feelings.


Overtime this actually gives you clarity. This is how I do it, and I am sure there are many other ways to deal so do what feels right to you. Its not a way to boost your ego, its a process of self love.


With proper grounding in The Most Highs we’re able to see whats ┬átruth and whats not. We all have a chance to choose our reaction and how we respond.


I choose to do better each day and show love.


Watch the video and let me know in the comments below how you maintain that positive disposition, that sunshine even through those difficult moments.


Love Life!

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