$ 22.00

‘Nyota’ means Star in Swahili.

This grey, green coloured 100% Cotton fabric.

Measures 72” by 22” (may vary slightly)

Colour pops and can be worn with bright or other dark colors.

For both Kings and Queens.


Handmade in 100% cotton fabric.  A medium thread count, brightly colored and strongly recommended for both Kings and Queens. This Murahaba Headwrap is a staple especially for our Regal Kings and Queens. Kindly visit our Headwrap Shop to see what other selections we have.

Care Instructions

1. Hand Wash or Machine Wash Cold
2. Wash with colored cloth Items
3. Hang to Dry or Machine Dry
4. Iron Hot if Needed


  • During Special Occasions
  • Outdoors Wear
  • Modest Coverage
  • For both Kings and Queens
  • Use a satin/silk Scarf or HairCap before wearing


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