Reeds Basket

Reeds Basket

$ 13.00

Kenyan Hand Woven Palm Reeds Basket

With Leather handle, trim and closure loop

Lined with Khanga fabric

Can be used to carry Goods & Household Storage

Cleaning and Care instructions Below


A beautiful way to carry your produce and goods.

This is essential piece you can add to your visit to the market

Big enough and strong enough to carry your fruits and vegetables

Can also be used as storage for laundry, toys, etc


Care Instructions

  1. Wipe Stains on Kitenge lining with damp cotton cloth
  2. Wipe Reeds with Damp Cloth soaked in Salt Water
  3. Wipe Leather with Dry Cotton Cloth
  4. Dry in Open Air


Storage Instructions

  • Do not fold
  • Store Open Basket in Dry place


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