Self Love

Self Love

Self-love is one of the most challenging things to implement but also the most human attribute that should come naturally. This is because it is like selfishness but a good and Godly selfish. This is the belief that you hold that says you are a valuable and worthy person. This means that you have an optimistic view of yourself, and generally the space you are in your life. Most of the time, life takes us through ups and downs and we tend to go through challenges that make us question our whole existence. In my opinion challenges are there to help you grow and discover parts of you that you were either underutilizing or was not aware that they existed. I feel that a lot of people go through this world not being conscious of what they are doing to their bodies and how they are mistreating themselves. I did read somewhere that whenever you are doing something to yourself; be it the extra drink, smoking, putting up with a situation you have no business being in and even putting something in or on your body that has too many chemicals; you need to separate yourself from the action and imagine you doing it to a family member or someone you claim to love and see how humane it is. This is hard to do but very necessary.


It makes it more challenging to have self-love when living with a chronic illness. The reason for this is that anytime we do not fit into a box or we cannot define ourselves using the descriptions that the society has coined as normal, we tend to be insecure and have self-esteem issues. These then end up being the reason as to why an individual hates themselves and everything about them that makes them special. At one point of my life I was very negative about myself and self-love never existed in my life let alone practiced. I remember once that my brother told me that the reason that I am special is that my spirit and soul were very unique that my physical body could not hold. I feel that every time you feel that you were dealt the short end of the stick in life, and it is something you cannot control, just remember that we are all unicorns and our differences make us special and make the world an interesting place.

Until next time remember to love gently.



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