Sickle Cell is a gift from The Most Highs, and why I wake up everyday to do what I do. This is the reason I am Healthier in Mind, Body and Spirit. Sickle Cell is one of the things that define who I am. A lifelong experience with what might look like a disadvantage; made me find my voice and live my truth. I use this experience and journey of living and working with Sickle Cell to serve and guide patients to live fulfilled, intentional lives free from pain.

I was the third child diagnosed with Sickle Cell in a family of 6. Having two older siblings with Sickle Cell and losing one of them to the disease, is a great motivator. I am happy to have started this journey of creating an information portal for Sickle Cell patients. Through my experience with the 10003 warrior project; a Photo Documentary of 10003 people living with Sickle Cell, the stories from the journey have guided and inspired myself and other people living with Sickle Cell and other chronic illnesses.

I have lived all my life with Sickle Cell. And I have 4 years now under my belt that have been free from pain, hospitalization, pharmaceuticals and Sickle Cell crisis.

For a very long time, I always thought if you followed the rules, instructions, terms and conditions that came with Sickle Cell, All will be well. I was in the hospital more times than I could count and every single time I wondered how I can be able to prevent this from ever happening again. I didn’t get any answers. Especially from the doctors who told me this would be my life.


Beyond the pain and suffering what are we to learn? How are we to grow and elevate from the lessons we fail to see as patients and people living with so called ‘disadvantages’? How are we using our experiences as stepping stones to create better futures for ourselves and those who come after us? How are we going to embody sexiness in a way that doesn’t diminish the importance of the journey or glaze over the identity that is Sickle Cell? How do we use Sickle Cell to shape and grow our lives? This is why I share my Sickle Cell journey.

Mary and I

We are sisters. We both have Sickle Cell. Mary is passionate about Skin and Hair and I am passionate about Health and Wellness. We both have benefited and managed our Sickle Cell with an All-Natural Plant Based wholistic Lifestyle. Join Mary at KenyaNaturalista as she shares her journey as a naturalista and mother, and how it all comes full circle in managing her Sickle Cell. Join me as I share my Sickle Cell Pain Free Journey.

My Message to you

I have learnt a lot on this journey that has made my experience with Sickle Cell less complicated. I want to share these lessons with you. There’s a lot of avoidable suffering within the community brought about by misunderstanding, misinformation and lack of knowledge. This platform wills to fill this gap and serve through lessons learnt on my journey.