Fellow Naturalistas,

My name is Mary. I am an Entrepreneur, a Naturalista born and bred in Kenya, a sister, a daughter and most important of all a mother. I was always advised that the price tag of any product determined how effective it was. These are standards of beauty I strongly disagree with. I have discovered how to take care of my skin and hair and look good using natural ingredients in my kitchen.

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It all began when I was pregnant and with rough skin due to the hormones. I had to look for alternative remedies because my frugal self could not understand spending $50 for 0.2oz vile just to get better. Aside from changing to an All Natural Organic PlantBased Lifestyle, I researched and experimented with natural organic plant based products until I finally found something that worked for me. When my son was born I noticed he also had sensitive patchy itchy skin. This led me back to researching until I found something that worked for him too. With positive results and feedback, family and friends sought advice and homemade products from me on all matters skin.


With my hair, I did my first Big Chop in 2010 and went crazy on products. However that left me empty broke and even further lost. I did not like the texture, the smell or even how my hair felt after. So I got into YouTube and learned that a lot of great women make their own simple products like myself. I liked to understand why I am doing anything. Now that I make my own products and I know exactly what and why I use what I use, I feel really great and fulfilled. In using herbs, butters, essential oils  in their most natural form possible, I heal and make the world a beautiful place


KenyaNaturalista is a platform to share and educate on how to take care of skin, hair and body with the all natural organic locally available resources. Those things within your kitchen or garden that you do not have to import. The environment we are in provides for us everything we need. I may be biased to Kenya as that’s where I am from but I will make this simple for everyone, even those outside Kenya. Looking forward to walking this journey with you