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Beloved, we’ve been working on our Shipping processes and we wanted to tell ya’ll whats up!

After much thought and deliberation, Murahaba has decided to start shipping some orders directly from Kenya. Since we are a Kenyan business, it’s been a desire of ours to offer worldwide shipping to our customers directly from Kenya. We’ve been working towards this for a long time, since the beginning of the business. Shipping is a costly undertaking that weighs heavily on the business and we’ve learnt a great deal from our time in business. We want to use those lessons from our failures and successes to strengthen the business. Shipping directly from Kenya lifts the burden of holding inventory overseas. This will also provide much needed relief to our Seastar handling all the stocking and mailing. We are hopeful that this will give Murahaba room to provide that extra touch, TLC and warm love from Kenya.

What will this entail?

We will do this in stages of course with specific product skews from the shop. First, we want to ship our Custom Handmade Leather Sandals and our brother Paul’s  Photography Prints directly from Kenya. This means that the price you pay for those items will be ALL inclusive of extra service charge to enable customization/personalization of orders, Package Handling, Transportation and Shipping Worldwide from Kenya. You will be getting more the just the product.

This is also a way for us to provide accurate sizing for sandals. Kenya uses different sizing charts from U.S.A and Europe hence making us incur unnecessary inventory stocking costs to make sure to provide ALL sizes for Everyone. Moreover once your order for the Sandals is made, we will reach out for accurate foot measurements from customer and extra details needed to custom make the sandals. The sandals will be made on order . In addition, we have received various requests to provide Sandals for youngsters/children , and this way makes it possible to provide custom made sizing for them as well.

With regards to the prints, once the print order is made and received by the team, we’ll print and set the print for 2 days. The canvas will then be stretched on a wooden frame, packaged and shipped. This will take 9 days to make and 2 weeks shipping. Getting a third party outsourced printer and carpenter to handle these processes overseas is very costly for us. Although the shipping costs would’ve been relatively cheaper, that special touch, love and care we would have put into the package would be missing.

How Long will it Take?

Once an order is made, one of the members of the Murahaba Team will reach out to get accurate feet measurements. After which our sandal maker works on the order. Once the order is done within 4 business days, the order is shipped out to the Customer. The shipping period is 2 weeks from day of mailing. The duration of entire order processing and delivery to Customer will take 3 weeks.

Yes, this does seem long compared to the current fast shipping enjoyed across the world. But please note, everything is custom handmade and not made in bulk. We take time to craft and make the product to best suit you. Our customers get to enjoy the experience of making the product with us in patience.

This will also allow us to further test the shipping infrastructures and customer response as we slowly bring All of our shipping back home as et should be. Willing that this will be the beginning of something great for all of us.

Keep an eye out for the launch date on the week of June 17th 2019

Thank Yah Always and Warm Regards.

13Love <3


Lea Kilenga Bey

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