How To Treat Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) the Holistic Way

How To Treat Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) the Holistic Way

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This article will discuss treatment of Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) the holistic way. A  research study states SCD affects 3 percent of births in some parts of sub-Saharan Africa. Many health ministries do not prioritize it, yet the childhood mortality rate is 50-90 percent. The most reported form of the disease is the S gene mutation or (SS disease) tied to a high childhood mortality rate.

What is Sickle Cell Disease-SCD?

SCD is a red blood cell disorder you inherit. Your parents passed the disease down to you. Sickle Cell Disease gets its name from a garden tool shaped like a crescent moon. It changes the red blood cells to form a sickle hence the name. According to the data, you inherit two abnormal hemoglobin genes, one from each parent.

The cells in your body need oxygen at all times to work well. Red blood cells have hemoglobin that gets oxygen from the lungs and carries it to other tissues in your body. Healthy red blood cells have the shape of a disc, and the ones with SCD look like a sickle. The disc-shaped red blood cell can move about with ease through large and small blood vessels.

But, a sickle-shaped red blood cell forms itself into a stiff rod, preventing the blood from moving about with ease. The sickle-shaped blood gets stuck to the walls of the blood vessels and blocks the flow of blood. It prevents oxygen from reaching nearby tissues.

How does SCD affect your body?

When there is a blockage of the flow of oxygen, you will experience severe pain known as sickle cell crises. You get no warning; the agony is sudden, causing you to go to the hospital for treatment. Children do not have endless suffering per the experts, but adults experience ongoing pain.

The weak flow of oxygen can cause organ damage to your eyes, brain, and spleen. Other organs affected include the lungs, liver and the heart. A few other body parts include kidneys, joints, penis, and the skin. Sickle-shaped cells do not change patterns easily. They burst apart and get separated. Healthy red blood cells have a lifespan of 90-120 days and SCD cells last 10-20 days.

Your body makes new blood cells all the time. But, with the SCD, your body cannot keep up with the pace. You will have a low red blood cell count because of the Sickle Cell Disease. Plus, your body will have less energy.

Treating Sickle Cell Disease the Holistic Way

The holistic approach to treating Sickle Cell disease is to find natural ways to control the pain. When you manage SCD the holistic way, you are focusing on the entire body and not only the physical aspect of the condition.

  • Controlling the pain

One holistic approach to manage Sickle Cell disease is aromatherapy. Use essential oils such as Lavender to control your pain. Mix the lavender with pine, geranium, and nutmeg. Add cedarwood and clary sage to the mixture.

Massage the mixture of oil on your skin to get the healing properties. Lavender is calming and raises your energy level. When you massage using essential oils, it increases blood circulation. The aroma of the oil helps you to relax and lowers your blood pressure.

Other essential oils used for chronic pain:

>Black pepper
>Tea Tree

Please remember to dilute your oil with carrier oils before each use. Follow instructions based on the recipe given.

Living a healthy life

>Get a regular eye examination to prevent vision problems.
>Drink plenty of water and other liquids to have light-colored urine.
>Avoid alcohol because it will lead to dehydration.
>Exercise without overdoing it, and drink water in between to prevent dehydration.
>Children suffering from Sickle Cell Disease can play as usual but drink enough water.
>Plus, children need to take breaks between activities.
>Dress warm because cold air can trigger a sickle cell crisis.
>Experts recommend against swimming and playing in cold water.
>If you are climbing mountains or flying in airplanes, avoid altitudes over 5,000 ft.
>There is less oxygen at such heights and will cause blood to sickle.
>If you fly for less than four to six hours, you will not have any problems.
>But, drink plenty of water during the flight.

Other Holistic ways to treat Sickle Cell Disease

Your lifestyle choices and how you deal with stress will help you control your sickle cell disease.

  • Controlling SCD with food

Your caloric intake increases when you suffer from Sickle Cell Disease. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are a must. These foods include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.

Because of your condition, your blood level is low and thus lacking essential vitamins. The list below will guide you on what foods to eat:

Vitamin A and carotenoids

The following food list contains vitamin A and carotenoids:

>Sweet potato
>Butternut squash
>Collard greens

Vitamin B6

Foods containing vitamin B6:

>Sunflower seed
>Brown rice
>Wild rice
>Mug bean

Vitamin C

Foods with vitamin C:


Vitamin E

Foods with vitamin E:

>Pumpkin Seeds
>Sunflower seeds
>Sesame seeds
>Swiss chard
>Mustard greens
>Turnip greens


Foods with magnesium:

>Pumpkin Seeds
>Mug bean
>Sunflower seed
>Wild rice
>Brown rice


Foods with zinc:

>Wheat Germ (toasted)
>Pumpkin seed
>Wild rice

  • Dealing with stress

Below is a list of things you can do to deal with stress:

>Listen to relaxing music.
>Play with your pets.
>Laugh a lot and crying does not hurt.
>Go shopping, watch movies, or go out to dinner with a friend.
>Take a long bath or a shower.
>Do something creative such as writing, painting, or sculpting.
>Go bike riding, walking, or any other outdoor activity.
>Gardening or home repair to pass the time.
>Try to meditate and do deep breathing exercises to relax your muscles.
>Put together an action plan to help you solve problems.
>If you have trouble dealing with stress, see a counselor.


Sickle Cell Disease is unbearable when you have chronic pain. But, you can use holistic treatments to help deal with the condition. Use aromatherapy to help deal with the pain. Live a healthy lifestyle; get regular eye exams and drink enough water. Eat vitamin-rich foods. Manage your stress by listening to relaxing music, do outdoor activities, and meditate.

Speak out and let us know in the discussion below.

I would love to hear from you and what your insights are with regards to what I’ve shared with you. How do you manage your Sickle Cell? Is it Natural and/or holistic or is it some other way? Let me know in the comments below.

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