We Love Our Customers And Continue To Appreciate Them

We Love Our Customers And Continue To Appreciate Them

we love our customers and appreciate them
we love our customers and appreciate them

We Love and Appreciate Our Customers

We love our customers.

A customer is defined as an individual or organization that buys goods from a store or business. That is the definition is as per Webster. In our opinion, a customer is an individual that helps another realize the dream of being an entrepreneur. And  the dream of giving back to the community through supporting the community. We want to take this opportunity to say thank you for walking with us this past year.

Murahaba is a family owned small business that started as a way of supporting Sickle Cell warriors in the community in Kenya. Even though we were new in the market we were able to provide a product that is from Kenya by Kenya. The proceeds go back to help with various outreach projects.

Growth, is something that Murahaba has experienced. We have been able to reach people from different parts of the world but mainly the United States of America. Our stock has grown and this has enabled us to provide choices to our esteemed customers. We have also grown in the sense of offering a variety of things and more is yet to come.

As the owners, we have been able to learn a lot about how to relate better to our customers and meeting the needs of the customers. This has helped us realize opportunities for our suppliers and for the organization as a whole. In addition we are in preparations of opening up a storefront in Leonardtown, MD. The information about where you can find us and where you can come and interact with us will be available on the website. We will love to meet you in person.

We are thankful for is this experience of business. Murahaba owners have also grown closer in learning how to deal with each other to handle business. We continuously innerstand each other’s strengths and how to work those strengths for the good of the business. When we work together using our strengths that is when all the magic happens.

We appreciate the loyalty that has been displayed by our repeat customers. And  those who choose to buy from us for the first time. This has made us realize that we have a lot of people watching and rooting for us. On that note, kindly keep visiting our website.  As we mark 1 Year of Murahaba we have weekly coupon codes, discounts, sales for all our customers as we give back to you. 

We love our customers and we would love to hear from you. Murahaba welcomes any suggestions and input on how we can serve you better. Kindly comment below on what you’d like to see. You can also send us an email at pr@sexysicklecell.org to give us your opinions. Please send us some pictures with Murahaba gear or just to say HI. Do not forget to follow us on social media to interact with us more. You will get immediate notifications on discounts, coupon codes and flash sales in real time. This will guide us on the course of meeting you at your point of need

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Th Ahnk Yah for all your support !!

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